base station
for VHV masts

We have completely designed and implemented the new CETIN base station in Valtice at the top of a very high voltage (VHV) mast. The technology installed at the new station of the public communication network serves to strengthen the GSM and LTE 800 signal of the operator 02 in the given location.


Installation of a walkway and telecommunications technology

The most visible part of the transmission and distribution system are undoubtedly the support points of the overhead lines. Since the Valtice tower is 47.7 m in total height, installation of the antenna system required the use of a crane. The expert company Elektrotrans assessed the project and all structures. It specializes in the issue of mast structures of very high and extra high voltage lines (VHV and EHV).


Antenna system placement

The placement of the antenna system was designed in the mast peak above the very high voltage line on the newly installed working platform at a height of +41.8 m. A total of six antennas were installed through the masts on the platform. For safe access to the working platform, a new steel ladder leads along the wall of the mast, and all steel structures were treated by hot-dip galvanizing. The CETIN technology is located under the mast on the roofed structure.


Implementation term: 2018

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