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For almost twenty years our research and development department has been dealing with new technologies for processing energy by-products (EBPs) in the construction industry. We are a leader in the field, bringing innovations and new technological solutions in the processing of secondary raw materials and industrial waste. Dominating our efforts is the development of concrete with high utility value.


Special custom - made mixtures

Our company has long specialized in developing high-value concretes from both natural and lightweight artificial aggregates. We will design a special formula for your purpose to suit all your requirements. We take maximum care of the concrete design and cooperate with experts with many years of experience. We cooperate with a specialized building testing center in verifying the results, thus guaranteeing a qualitative evaluation of the results and their remarkably high relevance.


What can we help you with?

  • Do you need a pelletizer?
  • Do you need help with pelletization of fine-grained materials?
  • Do you need to verify the suitability of materials for producing lightweight sintered aggregate?
  • Do you need help processing energy by-products (EBPSs)?
  • Do you need to certify secondary raw materials, EBPs, waste products, stabilizers, etc.?
  • Do you need to custom develop both lightweight and simple high-quality plain concrete?


Just contact us and together we will find the solution that’s just right for you.


We are experts in certification and proposals for methodical procedures

We offer certification of energy by-products, mixtures and stabilizers derived from them, etc., used e.g. in the site redevelopment and landscaping. The output is a certificate verified by an authorized person - 204.

Based on prior agreement, we also see to the creation of company standards for EBPs, stabilizers and verification of basic properties (compressive strength, loss by drying, annealing, volumetric weight, sieve analysis...), performance of accredited tests necessary for certification (CBR, proctor, inhibitory effect on light emission, transmittance, natural content of radionuclides...), or ensuring certification of AP 204. We offer the possibility of verifying the production of artificial sintered aggregate from various types of energy and other wastes, determining their properties: resistance of aggregates to crushing in the cylinder, bulk density, volumetric weight, water absorption, mineral composition, ecological parameters, the possibility of using aggregate in concrete, etc.

SAS Research Center

The modern research center of Svoboda a syn

As part of the company's development strategy, and thanks to co-financing from the European Union, we implemented a project to establish a new infrastructure for research and development. In 2020, we launched a RESEARCH CENTER FOCUSED ON INDUSTRIAL WASTE PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY AND ITS USE.


As part of the research center, we can provide the following services in particular:

  • design and verification of VEP processing conditions,
  • verification of PELETIZATION conditions of fine-grained materials,
  • verification of the conditions for the production of lightweight sintered aggregates from VEP and other fine-grained materials, fertilizers, etc.,
  • the design of light high-value CONCRETE, including the possibility of verifying the production of parts,
  • development of concretes for specific purposes,
  • to design technologies for pelletization and its delivery.

And we provide much more!




Are you interested in our services? Write us!

We will be happy to answer all your questions and prepare a non-binding offer.

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Phone: +420 531 029 311

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E-mail: informace(zavináč)sasbrno(tečka)cz
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