Surveying and
design work

In the field of surveying and design work, we have many years of experience and a qualified team of experts who are ready to fully devote their time to you in such areas as acquisition activities, the real estate cadaster and engineering geodesy.


Building permit with no needless worries

So that your construction project’s preparation phase runs smoothly, we will provide:

  • Preparation of site plans for building permits
  • Maps of ownership (inventories of owners, property documents for the project, purchase records)
  • Obtaining building authority consent to land division (for registering land division in the Land Register)

High-quality and accurate engineering geodesy

  • Collection of data and materials for the project
  • Spatial delineation of the building object before starting construction (preparing a layout protocol and layout sketch for final approval)
  • Delineation of building sites using batter boards
  • Survey and execution of longitudinal and transverse terrain profiles
  • Survey of utility networks
  • Survey and elaboration of the current state of a building object (preparation of construction drawings – ground plans and sections)
  • Survey of documentation of the actual construction performance, linear constructions and utility networks 
  • Digital thematic maps
  • Digital terrain model (contour plans, 3D models)
  • Building height specification
Work in the Land Register

You can leave geometric plans, delimitation of a building under construction and the delineation of the boundaries of a plot to us

We will elaborate geometric plans to mark a building for building approval and registration in the land register, to mark a building under construction as a basis for acquiring a bank loan or sale, to divide or change the boundary of land, to supplement the cadaster with land maintained so far in simplified records or to define the extent of the easement to parts of the land. In addition, we will carry out the delineation of the ownership boundary of land and the comparative configuration of plots. We will also provide certified copies of geometric plans, extracts from the Land Register or identification of maps, i.e. ownership relations, or we will take pictures of cadastral maps.


Are you interested in our services? Write us!

We will be happy to answer all your questions and prepare a non-binding offer.

logo Svoboda a syn

SVOBODA & SON specializes in building out
telecommunications networks and related
construction activities. We have extensive
technical background and know-how.

Registered seat

Svoboda a syn, s.r.o.
Jahodová 524/62
Brno 620 00

Czech Republic 


Phone: +420 531 029 311

Operations center

Svoboda a syn, s.r.o.
Sladovnická 20/6
Brno 620 00

Czech Republic 


Corporate No: 25548531
Tax Identification No: CZ25548531

Quick contact

E-mail: informace(zavináč)sasbrno(tečka)cz
Billing email: faktury(zavináč)sasbrno(tečka)cz
Data box ID: qar5mxy


Bank details
KB Brno – venkov
IBAN: CZ1101000000279621400227

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