Photovoltaic power

plant – The Global Change
Research Center

at the Academy of Sciences

of the Czech Republic


The most highly efficient photovoltaics

The separate shading photovoltaic power plants located on the flat roof of building B connected via the existing main switchboard and improvement of the overall energy demand of the center due to the uniform connection of all buildings to measurement at the center’s central substation.


The installation location of the photovoltaic plant is situated in a built-up part of Brno in the Old Brno district. The building in question is located on a fenced site southwest of Brno city center and is bordered by the streets Poříčí, Rybářská and Bělidla.


Technical parameters

As a separate self-supporting steel-aluminum structure placed on new beams located at the site of the existing load-bearing vertical elements anchored through the attic in the places where the transverse beams of the existing roof are located. The supporting structure in the lower part copies the existing roof covering, with which the concrete tiles are in contact via cushions made of liquid rubber so that the load on the structure is partially transferred to the structure of the existing roof.


Total output of solar panels 46.44 kWp

Total output of solar inverters 40.5 kW


Completion deadline: 2019


Turnkey solar power plant – from construction to launching

The power plant is located on the flat roof of building A using a load-bearing steel lattice structure. The solar panels are placed on a structure made of aluminum profiles. Switchboards SR1 and SR2 and three converters for three groups of panels are attached to the supporting structure of shelters. The load-bearing lattice structure copies the load-bearing column skeleton of the building.


All lattice structures were manufactured in the company’s locksmith workshop and transported to the site using its own road transport and installed using the company’s Liebherr crane.


Total output of solar panels 52.260 kWp

Total output of solar inverters 47.6 kW


Completion deadline: 2020

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